Elmira, Yu. N.d. Pheasant Hunting with Epagneul Breton. Photograph, 4584 x 3056 pixels. Shutterstock.
Oehlenschlager, Steve. N.d. Rabbit Hunting. Photograph 4080 x 5440 pixels. Shutterstock.
Best Dog Photography. n.d. Pretty Rhodesian Ridgeback Dog Puppy Hold and Running with Pheasant Bird Hunting. Photograph 2838 x 1966 pixels. Shutterstock.
Best Dog Photography. n.d. Running Hunting Rhodesian Ridgeback Dog Holding Hare. Photograph 3200 x 2133 pixels. Shutterstock.
Flaming Derps. 2010. Tyre Track Brushes. Illustrator Brushes. Flaming Derps.
Creatsy. 2017. Mailing Box PSD Mockup. Photoshop 2000x 2000 pixels. Graphic Burger.
PuneDesign. 2014. Logo MockUps- Paper Edition. Photoshop2300 x 1472 pixels. Graphic Burger.
Mats-Peter Forss. 2015. iMac Retina 5K Office Mock Up. Photoshop 2669 x 1777 pixels. Graphic Burger.
Ford Box Truck Free Mockups n.d. Photoshop 3000 x 2250 pixels.Vectogravic.

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